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Crocheting, Wet Felting, Needle Felting, and Fiber Arts

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Mary Jo Marceau-Hawthorne - e-mail: MJMHandmadeCreations@gmail.com
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To Order:

Step 1: Copy and Paste the information below into an e-mail.


Address - Street:

Address - Town:

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Address - Zip Code:

your e-mail address:

Item Order Name or Number:

How Many:

Size of each:

Cost Per Item:

Needle Felted Initials, if desired ($5.00):

Shipping Cost ($5.00 for most orders except patterns-no charge)


To Order- continued:

Step 2: Shipping Address if different:


Address - Street:

Address - Town:

Address - State:

Address - Zip Code:

Step 3: E-mail to: MJMHandmadeCreations@gmail.com with subject "MJM Creations Order".

Step 4: Payment: Please send your check or money order made out to: Mary Jo Marceau-Hawthorne.

Step 5: Mail payments to:

Mary Jo Marceau-Hawthorne
1540 Franlou Park Ln
Columbia Falls, MT 59912

[Crochet Logo] Most orders can be filled in one week. If a special order, it may take a little longer. Thank you for your order!
Retail Customers please e-mail or call (406.892.1424) for pricing or other questions. Thank you.

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Crocheted with care by: Mary Jo Marceau-Hawthorne - By Grace Websites; e-mail: MJMHandmadeCreations@gmail.com
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