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MJM Handmade Creations

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MJM Handmade Creations & Crocheted Items

Made in Montana; Made in the USA

Blessed Christmas to All!

Mary Jo Marceau-Hawthorne - e-mail: MJMHandmadeCreations@gmail.com
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Peruvian Alpaca Socks for Great Hiking! Gift Certificates Available! Cotton Hiking Hats or Make Your Own Patterns! 100% Alpaca Ruannas-Great Warmth! Own a Felted Alpaca Hat, Warm, Light Weight Comfort, a Three Season Hat! Exclusice Patterns! Try some wire wrapped earrings or pendants and crosses or for an old fashion flair try some tatted earrings or necklaces and bracelets!

[Hiking socks] [Cotton Hiking Hat] [BunnyFigure] [Ruanna] [Tatted Earrings]


All My Creations- Select a Picture Below!

[Headband Alpaca]
Headbands, Pins & More

[Steam Engineer Felted Hat]
Wet Felted - Three Season - Alpaca Hats

[Bobble Scarfs ]
Wire Wrapped and Tatted Jewelry with Raw Stones and Others

[Brown Blend Capelet]
Capelets & Ruannas

[Fall Flowers]
Felted Figures, Ornaments & Flowers
[Mobius Cream Blue]
Scarves, Vests, Mobius Shawls & Shrugs

Product Statement

All items except socks, shawls, and Ruanna fabrics are made in the USA, specifically Montana, from materials for the most part, obtained from the USA or in a slighter degree, from other countries. If the customer requests material origin information, it will be gladly furnished. All Wet Felted and Needle Felted items are made from fiber for the most part that is either locally harvested from animals in Montana or New York. All items created are unique and any request to make another item the same as one represented has to be done with the customer's knowledge that it will be the same in most respects but can not be identical since these items are hand-made. Thank you for your understanding.

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Felted Hats, Crocheted Hats, Scarves, Alpaca Items, Sweaters, Shrugs, Capelets, Socks, Flowers, and much more!

Crocheted with care by: Mary Jo Marceau-Hawthorne - By Grace Websites; e-mail: MJMHandmadeCreations@gmail.com
2015 and beyond